Acharya Satyendra Nath Bose Smarak Bijnan o Prajukti Mela Committee

Our mission is to enable students to understand the interdependence between science and society. They should have an in depth awareness of the global development and dimension of science with consequences for our lives subject to social, economical, political, environmental, cultural and ethnical factors. The main objective is to develop the communication skills of students in science. With the better communication they would be able to understand scientific information such data’s, inventions and informations. Everyday new research works are leading us to inventions which are completely different to what we have seen a decade back. In this ever changing world of science it is imperative for young students to keep their pace especially for underprivileged children. The eco-system of our society is exponentially getting imbalanced with the current socio-economic depressions. Keeping the economic depression we strive to find innovative methods to reach out the economically hit students and try to make their dream into reality.